Penhaligon’s Cairo EDP 100ml


Penhaligon’s Cairo is an oriental floral masterpiece that captures the essence of an ancient sunrise. Exquisite Damascan Rose intertwines with rich woods and spices, creating an ornate and sumptuous fragrance. Echoes of saffron and incense, deemed the perfume of the gods, linger, while a base of patchouli and vanilla imparts a familiar reassurance, evoking the tranquil dusk.

Penhaligon’s Cairo is a luxurious treat that unveils opulent gold hues, embodying the allure of desert nights, and encapsulates the spirit of timeless adventure. It is  a  thoughtful fusion of scents that invokes a sense of sophistication, creating an aura of posh refinement. This fragrance goes beyond the ordinary, transforming your moments into a refined and captivating olfactory journey. 

Head Notes

 Saffron, Cyprioln, Damascan Rose

Heart Notes

Cistus Labdanum, Rose, Incense

Soul Notes

Patchouli, Cedarwood Atlas, Sandalwood, Vanilla


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